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  • – Amber A.

    “I believe networking is the single most important thing you can do whether you are trying to grow your freelance profession or make business connections. By joining a networking group, I was able to expand my clients from a few here and there to getting several referrals in just two weeks.”

    – Amber A.
  • – Nolan B.

    “I think it’s important to put your personality into your personal brand. Too many people worry about being someone else’s idea of professional and come across as sterile. I’d rather talk to my interviewer about her favorite kind of chèvre for an hour than be forgettable. “

    – Nolan B.
  • – Danielle H.

    “Everyday, I hear my friends say how much they despise their jobs. Sometimes I feel selfish that I love my job. I had left it briefly to work at a job that other people told me I should want. I hated the new job so much that I went back to the one I had before. They had a welcome back party for me, surprised me with a raise and made me get health benefits. It was wonderful, I regret nothing.”

    – Danielle H.