About JfD and Jack

myJack is the phenomenal App that is currently under development at JfD and Associates. JfD is the company that offers all the support and services that surround myJack.

Who is Jack? People sometimes ask, hoping to get to know Jack F Dawes in person. The answer is not as simple as; “Here is Jack. He grew up, got smart and now Jack wants to pass on his amazing knowledge to the next generation in the form of an app for phones and tablets. Actually our Jack is less of a person and actually more of a thing. A gift, a tool you can stick in your pocket and bring out when you have a question about getting a job, keeping a job or as you need information about the business world. People with heart, who want to make life a little easier for the next generation, created Jack.

Co-founded by two professionals, these long-time friends reconnected across several states to start JfD. Concerned by the lack of professional skills of incoming college students in Cleveland, and worried about job opportunities for youth in the under-served communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, the two set up a virtual office that bridges the west coast and the mid-west. JfD provides the much needed support to young people as they make the transition to adulthood and a sustainable, professional life.