On The Job

A Day At Work

If you think work ends at 5:00 (or  when you leave the building), think again.

If you are looking at anything in tech (the fastest-growing and frequently the best-paying sector of our economy), be prepared to work hard. Especially if you go with a start-up.

And startups are currently booming. Right now, “the younger companies are, the more jobs they create, regardless of their size.” (Who Creates Jobs, May 2015). The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates that startups account for 20% of new jobs created. Even more important, the younger the company, the more likely they are to hire young, entry-level employees.

One thing that’s true about startups that you won’t read in most economic journals, though, is you will usually have to work much harder than you would at a more established firm. This is becoming so common that even Entrepreneur.com noticed it , saying “You might work like a maniac for an excessive amount of hours each week because the startup is in a race to beat the clock, trying to create a product or service and establish a market before the money runs out.”

Even if your company is established, and has you working a regular 40 hour week, you may find yourself studying tech journals, blogs and anything you can get your hands on just to keep up. Yes, tech is where the big money is right now, but it requires a deep level of skills and commitment to really make it.

More that one “ex-techie” who has left it behind has said, “I just wanted a life. I wanted to go see a movie in a theater. I wanted to just hang out and not feel guilty. I just got tired of the grind.”

Don’t get us wrong. Some of us love the grind. Others, not so much. At JfD, we are split between the work-aholics and the life-aholics. We get along because we make our choices based on who we are and what we truly love. The big thing is to figure out where YOU belong. If you’re idea of a great vacation is lying on the beach with your family, then re-think tech. On the other hand, if your idea of a great vacation is getting two whole weeks to do nothing but learn Ruby or PhP, then you may just want to jump onto the tech wagon.

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