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I Hate Kale

I hate kale. I’m not supposed to. I’m a pretty healthy eater. I like vegetables. I love cooking. I hate kale.

This is important to understand because this post is not supposed to be about kale. It was going to be about cool things to make for lunch, because I also usually bring my lunch. You save tons of money bringing your lunch and it often tastes better than the usual stuff you can find around work. I started collecting quick, easy, affordable recipes and putting them on Pinterest. I was enjoying it, until I hit the “kale wall”.

Everywhere I looked there was “Easy Lunches Made With Kale”. Even worse, they started including quinoa. Seriously people, you start to fall in love with an ancient grain choose one with some flavor like farro or spelt. Leave the quinoa by the side.

But kale is literally everywhere. And I don’t get it. There’s spinach, chard, collard, and mustard greens. Seriously, you want good flavor? Try mustard greens. They are great. Kale is not.


It’s texture is tough, not at all silky like my absolute favorite green spinach. The flavor overwhelms, rather than complements the other flavors in any dish. It’s tough to work with, and for me, it’s just not worth it. Collard greens take skill to cook (find a grandma to teach you. Preferably one from the south), but they are worth it. Kale is not.

So at Jack, you’ll get great food ideas in addition to all the other work/life info we’ll have here. We plan to cover it all: ideas for vegetarians as well as meat eaters. Our motto when it comes to food is, “Make it fast, make it easy, make it affordable, as long as you make it.”

Just don’t look for anything with kale in it.

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