Entry Level: What to expect on those first few jobs

"Soft" Skills

Entry Level, what does it really mean?

It is what it sounds like, a job where you start at the bottom, in a position that isn’t always glamorous. People take these types of jobs to get their foot in the door at a company. A good company to start at is large enough, and allows you to acquire new skills and move up, level by level, to  better paying positions. Entry-level positions often do the thankless, sometimes tedious work, that nobody else wants to do.

These are some typical entry level positions:

Trainee ~ Customer Service ~ Sales Representative Assistant
Front Desk Reception ~ Recruitment Assistant

It’s a job with a paycheck!

Use it as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about work, about life and about people.

What’s inside the free Entry Level JacKit:

  • Entry Level Explained.
  • How to Rise Above Entry Level.
  • Mind-Libs.
  • Internships ~ Paid and Unpaid.
  • Other useful links to resources.